About Us

Nurturing Young Minds

We are a

Waldorf inspired school in Ongata Rongai, After Kamura stage, Lemelepo Road (Kwa Njenga).
The Jimmark School addresses the whole child, framing rigorous academic in artistic and creative

Our methods follow a development model that respects the nature of children and how they best learn.

A play-based, Kindergaten resists the cultural imperative for “More-betterfaster”, allowing young children to enjoy the wonder of childhood through imaginative play.

What we promise

Our Values

Certified Care
Our carers love what they do, and that's what makes them so special.
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The Jimmark School

Learning Pillars

Learning to Think
The most valuable aspect of The Jimmark School inspired by Waldorf Education, is that, it teaches the students how to think. Imaginative play, emphasized in the Kindergaten, develops into imaginitive thinking as the child matures into the grades.
Learning to Create
Children drawing, painting, knittng, playing flutes, reciting poetry and rehearsing plays are common sights in school. All these activities are exercises for the will. They are experienced as a challenge to both the child's courage and his/her patience. Children need tasks that give them pleasure and saitisfaction in overcoming difficulty, and the arts are a central area for this opportunity.
Learning to Care
By working together consciously throughout the curriculum, students develop a capacity for emotional involvement that is both sensitive and resilient. They become caring individuals committted to one another and to the greater good.